How to enable VOIP in Third Person BP Template

I am trying to do a very basic test of the in-game VOIP functions using UE 4.7.6 but I cannot get voice to transmit at all. Here are the steps that I’ve done on Windows 8.1 x64.

  1. I’ve created a basic bare bones test project from the Third Person template.
  2. I have applied the recommended INI settings from this thread here
  3. I’ve got the project running properly on two separate computers - client is connecting to server just fine.
  4. As per #3 the push to talk is disabled - so it should pick up all mic input no?.

However when I run the client and server and speak into my mic on either machine I get no voice out of any of the speakers. I’ve cranked volume to max, restarted, double checked the INI for spelling mistakes, and searched the forums and webs - but I’m not getting any voice love. I’d greatly appreciate some help from you guys as I’m a bit of a newbie here. I am hoping that I’m just missing somethings stupid.

Many Thanks!

Although push to talk is disable try to add those as they are already implemented in APlayerController . Try to use a headset for mic and have other applications that use the microphone close . Another thing is that it won’t work in the editor . Package your game first then try .

I’ve got the same problem, have you find a solution?

It doesn’t work for me, i’ve made the same configuration for voip system…

Is there a reason it will not work in editor?