How to enable visualize attenuation for debugging


I try to pass the learning course “Ambient and Procedural Sound Design”. The author used the console command “stat sounds - debug” to show on the screen sound debugging mode.

The command is deprecated and instead of it, I used the command “au.Debug.Sounds 1”. It works, however, I can’t find out how I can turn on visualize attenuation to see an attenuation shape. The author didn’t use any other commands to get this.

Check the “debug”-option (developer section in the details panel of the output-node) of the SoundCue.
Then try the command “au.Debug.Sounds 1” again… the attenuation shape should be drawn in the view port…

Hi, there is an error to download the learning contens of this course “Ambient and Procedural Sound Design” with redeem code. Is possible to have it for download? Thank you a lot.
Antonio De Lorenzo

Sorry for necroposting but this is the only conversation online. I have the same problem as OP, but checking the debug option doesn’t change anything. The attenuation box is still nowhere to be seen. I’m tunning UE 4.27. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure that no longer works, the debug command was depreciated and the visualisation part wasnt carried over to the newer commands

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Really? Well, that’s such a pity. I think it’s quite important to be able to see our attenuation areas while debugging. How else are we supposed to know if are they working as intended while on gameplay? Hopefully, they add a solution in the future.

Found this thread looking for the same debug. Is there really no way to visualise the attenuation range of a sound?

Within MetaSounds near the save button is a ‘Source’ button. Click it and the details panel will show a ‘Enable Attenuation Debug’ toggle. Mouse over it and it should show au.3dVisualize.Attenuation. Can be found in docs from 5.1 up.

Audio Console Commands 5.3

If enabled, visualizes attenuation spheres.
0: Disable, 1: Enable

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