How to enable triggers in order?

Greetings everyone!

I’m trying to trigger actions like sounds and animations by overlapping some trigger volumes. Nothing fancy but the problem is that triggers need to be triggerable in a specific order.

For instance; for trigger #2 to be enable, trigger#1 need to be overlapped at least once. for trigger #3 to be enable, trigger#2 need to be overlapped and so on…

Thank you for your time!

Hey -

The easiest solution would be to use booleans to “block” the trigger from activating unless the previous one has already been triggered. For example, create a boolean “Trigger1Active” that is set to true once you’ve enabled Trigger1. Then from the overlap event of Trigger2, run to a branch that checks the Trigger1Active state and preforms its action if true. You can then repeat the process for all of the trigger volumes used.


It is working good! Thank you for that!