How to enable red squiggly errors to Verse in VS Code?

So when I type random stuff it doesn’t mark it as an error, and when i try to compile it errors pop up.
Earlier it worked fine but when I updated windows it stoped showing them
I am on Windows 11 pro 23H2
VS code 1.90.0

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Hi @TechnicFix:

Could you check that your VS Code installation has the Verse extension installed? If so, go to the Output Window in VS Code and check if there is a VerseExt category? If so, please attach the contents of the log here.

@sonictke Verse Language Server executable C:\Users\radio\AppData\Local\Temp\verse-lsp-18772.exe is now active!

hi @TechnicFix ,
I think you need to install from Windows File Explorer, right click select “Open with Code”
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\VSCode\Verse.vsix

This will re-install Verse into VS Code.

If this fails install VS Code
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\VSCode\VSCodeUserSetup-x64-1.78.1.exe
Then click (the gear icon) System ->check for updates. When complete install Verse.vsix again

If this fails “Verify” the whole installation.
Remember the using Windows 11 you will have to use “Run as Administrator” to launch the Epic Games Launcher
How to verify UEFN/Verse

@Jimbohalo10 Thanks, for suggestion, but sadly it didn’t work. I will try to totaly reinstall Fortnite and UEFN

reinstalling didn’t work and VerseExt output still shows Verse Language Server executable C:\Users\radio\AppData\Local\Temp\verse-lsp-14132.exe is now active!

I found a solution everything worked for me when moved UEFN project from Onedrive folder to anther one

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Hi @TechnicFix:

Thanks for helping to find the workaround. I’ve filed this bug internally and we’ll investigate.