How to enable Ragdoll during gameplay?

How do i enable ragdoll for my skeletal mesh character during gameplay? Like while i’m playing, i wanna hit him and it’ll activate ragdoll for 4 seconds and than get back up. How would i do that?

I Would like to do it in Blueprint. can u give me an example?

Get your character’s Mesh and call the following functions (all set to true): SetAllBodiesSimulatePhysics, then SetSimulatePhysics, then WakeAllRigidBodies.

Note that your character’s mesh must have a Physics Asset assigned and valid.

To revert from a ragdoll: I’m not sure, but maybe calling those 2 first functions (passing False this time) will work.

All those nodes are in blueprint :slight_smile:
Right-click an empty area in your character’s blueprint graph, add a Get Mesh, and draw those 3 functions from it.

Also this guy made a tutorial series about this! Check it out :slight_smile:

Character ragdoll physics and animation: