How to enable or remove special permissions for my app?

My app requires special permissions that my app doesn’t even use for

identity find accounts on the device
read phone status and identity modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
view Wi-Fi connections
read phone status and identity

My app doesn’t do any of this, how do i remove these permissions?

Hi, the permissions are set in the AndroidManifest, which is these days accessed via de Project Settings.

Taken from: Extra Permissions entered twice into AndroidManifest.xml - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

Ya i already know that however there are some special permissions you can’t remove in the project settings found in the AndroidManifest


However, I can’t modify the XML file in my project directory because it’ll revert back. How do I remove them?

Hi Spookey0188,

You can create an override file for the Requirements section of the XML with just the ones you want. Create a file in your project’s Build/Android called ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt. Everything after the <!-- Requirements → up to </manifest> in AndroidManifest.xml will be replaced with whatever you put in there.

Speaking of Wake_Lock, is there a way to actually make this call? The screen times out if they aren’t touching the display.

Hi Distul,

Yes, use the Control Screensaver BP node, or from code:

 FPlatformMisc::ControlScreensaver(bAllowScreenSaver ? FPlatformMisc::EScreenSaverAction::Enable : FPlatformMisc::EScreenSaverAction::Disable);

Awesome, thanks.


Should I make ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt file completely empty to remove all permissions, or it has to contain something specific in order to work?

You need a minimum set just for it to work; do not just create an empty file.

Ok, thanks.

Don’t work anymore ? I tried now on 4.21.2 version and still have the issues “need permissions read_phone_State” but i don’t care about this permissions

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I had a similar issue of my own. I’m packaging for the Oculus Go. However, the AndroidManifest.xml was requesting access to the camera. This prevents an upload to the Oculus Go store.

<uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.CAMERA” />
<uses-feature android:name=“” android:required=“true” />

I also tried the ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt. That method doesn’t remove those permission request from the manifest.

It turns out, the google ar plugin was requesting the permission. I disabled that and it no longer asks for permission.

My thought is that plugins have priority over the ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt. I don’t have any proof for that though.

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Hey Guys, I had the same problem and fixed it now with some different site informations.
What should you do:
1- Go to your project forder, then build - android:
Mycase: C:\Users\pc\Desktop\uegame\SpeedBall_MobileR\Build\Android

2- Add ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt

3-Inside ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt, I wrote the necessary permissions only, without adding beginning requirements and the last manifest

4-Just whatever you need, keep them there, then I realize that My application doesn’t want these permissions anymore now :slight_smile:

5- Then Thank me :sunglasses:
I hope it will make you save some time…

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