How to enable On Touch Moved only on part of the screen? (I'm working on a "touchpad" input)

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m working on touchpad for my game to control character Yaw and Pitch Inputs.
At this moment I can touch and rotate, but when finger goes outside the region my axis walue don’t want to be zero.
How to enable On Touch Moved only on the part of a screen or create event after touch goes outside this area?

Here’s how my On Touch Moved:

bump, I’m still working on this :frowning:

Here’s my actual version, as you can see touch event is working only on a part of a screen.

Problem is when i stop moving my finger on this area (but still touching) - axis are not changing to x0.0 y0.0.( I think because “get last screen position” isn’t fast enough)
It’s why I’m trying to change by breaking Vector2d and testing with “Nearly equal” but going this way I’m making my whole touchpad not enough precise.

Any advices?