How to enable lightshafts for spotlight?

How to enable lightshafts for spotlight?

Hi Dezzzus,

Currently these are not supported.

In this post from the forums Daniel Wright explains a little more about why this is.

This may be added in the future but there is no specific timeline of when this would occur.

Thank you!


I see in Spotlight.h that these are in the engine but // Disable this for now
It’s a much needed aesthetic effect for me that was in UE3 but missing from UE4, and still not there in 4.8… What’s needed to enable this ?

There may be some deprecated code from UE3 that is still lingering in the code, but this has not been implemented yet in UE4. This may or not be in the future.

There are three links that Daniel provided that may be of help in implementing this yourself if you decide to do so.