How to enable Light Propagation Volumes GI [ WIP AND BETA]

Put it there:

*; Example file content:
; [Startup] <- The Bad One
; FogDensity = 0.9
; ImageGrain = 0.5
; FreezeAtPosition = 2819.5520 416.2633 75.1500 65378 -25879 0

[Startup] <- The Good One

; Uncomment to get detailed logs on shader compiles and the opportunity to retry on errors
r.LightPropagationVolume=1 *

Hahaha…now it works! :smiley:

In my noobish behavior I put it in D:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Config instead of Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Config\

Man how stupid xD Works like a charm now^^

Hmmm…sadly they seem to only accept light from the directional light (like in CE3) even if all light types have the option to contribute to an LPV. Hope this will change in the future since gi from lamps etc. would be very much appreciated^^

That would be awesome. But CryEngine GI offers great possibilities too.
Better use simple GI than an overpowered and hellish slow/performance-sucking GI :smiley:

Yeah…I have to admitt that I am a little bit spoiled, because we had an Enlighten integration for UE4 at the office which was pretty awesome, but we still decided to drop it because it needed too much mainenance. Enlighten was able to have gi from everything during runtime, but you still needed to precompute static geo for lightinteraction.

I am really hoping we will get realtime gi without precompute (so just drag and drop stuff in and it works^^) for all lightsources this generation. I love fast iteration times :smiley:

Also, I saw a tread in the suggestions to epic section where people ask for a reimplementation of voxel lighting for high end users…that would be awesome :smiley:

…Which is more or less what I said RE: OpenGL and compute shaders. Technically you could test under Windows as well for GL 4.3. I’m kinda curious now if UE4 uses anything with compute shaders that wouldn’t otherwise work with OpenCL within the context of Apple’s API.

Yeah, i tried it there as well but when i place a directional light and set up the properties it’s shadows have preview tiled across them until i do a rebuild even though i have static lighting disabled, i also don’t see the GI effect working…

I have a modern video card in SLI with all the latest drivers on Windows 7

Bump for visibility, Working on a WIKI page with photos and step by step proper instructions.

awesome! I’m really interested in LPV There you have your wiki page. If someone knows how to make it better, feel free to add pictures or fix the formatting.
Also, i have no idea how to add that page to tutorials category, never edited a wiki, so help me with that please.
edit: nevermind, found how to add it to tutorials list.

This is great! Thanks vblanco.

So it seams to work now, sort of

I still get Preview text tiled across my shadows until i hit rebuild which ind of defeats the purpose…

Anyone know how to fix this?

If your shadows have Preview written on them that means you need to change your light type to Movable (dynamic only) light type.

Perfect, that fixed it!

vblanco - You may want to add this to your tutorial and wiki, under the Light Details expand **Transform **and change **Mobility **to Movable

As you command Master :wink:
Rewritten and Formatted to Wiki standards

AWESOME WORK, absolutely amazing. Now its a very nice page for the community. Thanks a lot for your help

You’re welcome.
I’ve also added a simple level that contains a Cornell Box, this way people can experiment a bit better with LPV’s.

Here’s the wiki File Link

HF with it.

Awesome! :smiley:

Great, thanks for this!

This only shows how advanced Cryengine is, they’ve got this tech for years
2014 and UE4 is not yet ready to have GI:p