How to enable dynamic resolution?

How can I enable Dynamic Resolution? No matter what I try I get “DynRes: unsupported”. Is it supported by PC at all?

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Same here, tried everything from the documentation but I cannot get it to work.
4.19 was OFF everytime and on 4.20 it’s unsupported.

Ok, so I found out that it is only available for PS4 and Xbox.
The problem being that it is for the moment difficult to estimate busy time for GPU with direct X.

Here is a link with a conversation on the subject if you want more info:

If you want enable on PC, you need to change engine code


bool GRHISupportsDynamicResolution = true;

I tried that, but editor keeps the message “unsupported platform”

Even though recompile engine? What is your engine version? I’m using 4.20.1

Here is a Funktion to enable DynRes on PC :3 just copy and paste :3

Where i have to paste it ? sry im newby

Copy and paste in your widget funktion lib