How to enable disable collision for a multiple objects?

I have multiple objects that I want to enable/diable visibility and collision for them. For now visibility works but not collision.
Also is there a way to get all the objects at one time instead off adding them one by one? I tried tags etc but I couldn’t make it work. Also I cannot toggle visibility for the enemy which is an actor blueprint. Here is my blueprint.

So I made this work but still doesn’t look nice because I don’t know how to get all the objects at once. In Unity I could use tags but it doesn’t work with UE4. So my problem was that I am using Actor enable collision instead of enable collision since my objects are not actors.

If someone knows how to get all the objects at one please let me know!

Looking for the same ! Up

Use Get All Actors of Class, Get All Actors with Interface or Get All Actors with Tags

Depending on how targets are setup, one of these will be easier to implement than others.