How to enable Assets Loading Insights Window in the Unreal Insights?

I need to profile in which tread Unreal Engine loads my assets (Meshes, Audio) when I spawn new actor (GameThread or some other, I need a proof that SpawnActor can’t stall my Game Thread) and time of loading but Asset Loading Insights is unavailable:

How to enable it?

Also, when I activate Asset Loading Tracks in the Filters, nothing happens:

No any new tracks appear.

So, how can I check which thread loads my assets?

Hi, being in the process to learn profiling with Unreal Insights myself, just my 2ct:

I do profiling on my mobile android device and found, that the asset loading tracks only appear, if you start your game with the correct options.


Found this by chance, when adding all 8 flags to the options, because my problem is, that I do not get any GPU data in my capture.

I assume, that it is LoadTime or File option making this data you are looking for available (did not check which one)

In BaseEngine.ini, only these values are defined as defaults:


I hope, this makes sense.

Asset Loading Insights is based on data traced under “loadtime” trace channel.
When this trace channel is enabled, it traces package load times (specific trace events) and also enables few named cpu scoped timers specific to package loading. Works for runtime loading from pak/iostore.