How to enable a specific input?

If I disabled all input, how to enable a specific key input? I want to make a combo attack system. While animation is playing, all the input will be disabled. If animation end(notify), enable input. I want attack input button is enabled while attack animation is playing so I can check whether to play next attack animation.

i want it to work like this:

Play ‘Attack1’ and disable input (except attack input) → Is attack button pressed while ‘Attack1’ is playing?

yes → Play ‘Attack2’

no → Enable input

It depends on what do you want to do with it. There might be another approach to make it.

I edited the question.

One way to disable other inputs is to check state with boolean. You probably have a bool like “Is Attacking” etc…Just add branch on other input and don’t allow those other inputs to fire when you execute attack. Just Collapse this to a Macro. My example is a quick overview on how it works.

Thank you. This is really helpful.

Glad it helps. Don’t forget to mark as resolved, it might be useful to other users.