How to emulate a keyboard press

I’m going to attempt to use UE4 as a simple software delevopment tool.

My first line of ideas requires I know how to emulate a keyboard press. Think of an onscreen keyboard. You press a touch control, and it registers a keyboard press.

I have limited coding knowledge, so preferably blue prints, but if required, a C++ example would do.

In blueprints, you’d capture a keyboard event and then wire up some sort of response to that event. I think what you’re really looking for is a way to respond to a key event which doesn’t actually happen (simulation of a key event).

your virtual keyboard could detect key presses on it and fire the key events you want. You might even consider using delegates for this.

What I really want is a way to output keyboard presses.

So if I hit a touchable button that is bound to the letter T, I want it to produce the letter T

Again, you’d want to create an event for that. If you press the “T” button on your keyboard, an event fires within the engine. It’s up to the game to figure out how to respond to that button press event. Do you move a character? open up a GUI? Add the “T” character to a string?
Whether you press a button on a keyboard or use your finger to press a button on a virtual keyboard should make no difference. The key press event gets fired either way and you respond to it somehow.

Has anyone figured out how to do this yet. The answer given isn’t what was asked. I want to be able to click a button on a screen and it emulate like a pressed the f key on the keyboard. I dont need to set up what happens when the f key is pressed that is already set up i want to be able to click on screen and mimic like if i had pressed it on the keyboard.

I am looking into this as well. Until now i have not been able to find a decent solution, can you verify if you managed to get it working?

Delegate is not supported for button presses for some reason.