How to either Simulate Physics on a projectile, or add initial velocity to a physics-simulated obj?

Hello all,

I am working on adding a dice-thrower object to my project, and I seem to have hit my first major obstacle; I cannot seem to find a way to have my dice simultaneously have physics, and be “thrown”.

If I “Simulate Physics” then I lose the ability to use the projectile component, and by extension the ability to set an initial velocity/trajectory. The dice properly rolls when it hits the ground in this case, but it can only seem to drop straight down from where it’s spawned.

If I disable “simulate physics” then I can “throw” my dice object by using the projectile component, but I get this:

As you can see, the projectile loses all sense of physics beyond a positional “bounce”. The root object of my projectile is the cube itself, but it just seems like it’s hitting the corner and considering that a “hit” to do the location-based “bounce”.

How do I cause my object to rotate and change trajectory, while maintaining the ability to have an initial velocity/trajectory?


I found a solution.

My original blueprint was a Pawn. I had to create a new Character Blueprint, and copy over the components / formulas, etc. This way, I was able to abandon the Projectile Component, and have a Character Movement component inherited automatically. Then, I was able to use Add Impulse on that Character Movement component.

I forget what settings I had to tweak in the Character Movement component (I feel like I set the default movement type to Flying?), but I do remember that I had to make my mesh physics-enabled.