How to edit style of editableText in game ?

Hi everyone, i’m looking for a solution to update the style(appearence) of my editable text widget in game. The idea is to make the text red when you write something wrong and let it white if it’s correct. I tried to make this for hours and look for solutions online but didn’t find anything. When i set the “style” variable of the editable text nothing change in game … Can someone helps me ? Thanks

Hello Yami,
I’m looking for almost the same things. I have to Pre construct the style of my text : color, visibility, and font size (mainly), that is impossible with a normal textblock for the font size (no access to bind this property in the graph). That’s why i’m using an editable text.

But the problem is when I set the style of my editable text through a variable (type Editable text style), no properties is visually uptdated in the editor, or at game play.
However, in the details panel of my widget, the values are correctly updated !

Did you find a solution ?

Hi, I am facing the same problem with UEditableText. I also posted a question at here “How to Change Editabletext style with cpp in runtime - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums”. Any solutions until now? Thanks.