How to edit rotation pivot?

:slight_smile: Hello unreal engine!.
i’m first time in this forum. i’m just switched from unity to unreal engine. i started learning this awesome engine, it has more built-in features than unity.
but i cant get one thing. How to rotate multiple objects by center of selected objects?

example: if i rotate this objects (chairs)
then it will be like this:
but i’m need about like this

I’m found (context menu -> pivot -> center on selection) this util but it every time resets.
and i don’t need to parenting or grouping it from hierarchy. its take more time

There no tool for this like pivot point options from blender or unity?


only found this toggle for local or global mode p5.JPG

sorry for my bad english and this answer if i had mistakes :frowning:
thank you in advance for your help

Currently there is no such function inside the editor (or not that I know of). But there is a marketplace tool that can be very useful for you, check it out -…lug/pivot-tool
Edit: or you can change the pivot location by holding alt+middle mouse button on the pivot point.

:smiley: ooh, so quick
thank you sir for quick answer, but i’m already checked this plugin.
will this functionality come inside editor in future releases?

I am not sure, could be, but when no one knows. The thing is, Epic Games do changes and adding features to the engine only that are needed for the game development they do. On the other side us the devs are in quite low priority when we need something done to the engine. Mostly we get just ignored, so get in this mindset and you will be alright. :slight_smile:

thank you sir for you help and answers.

i setted keyboard shortcut for this (center on selection) util and now it more accessible :cool:

Nice! I am happy that you found a solution. :slight_smile: