How to edit mesh in MetaHumans or any Skeletal Mesh

I want to touch-up the shape of the hoodie (create more wrinkles, it looks too flat) on the male character of the UE MetaHumans.

I tried for the last 5 days with the UE Cloth Painting tool (and lots of googling). But I’m not sure it’s designed for that. I can change the way the tissue falls, but not really create new wrinkles.

So I said I’m going to edit the hoodie mesh in an external editor and re-import it. I manage to export and edit, but when I’m re-importing it, i’m losing the texture. Here is what I do:

  • in the content browser, locate the skeletal mesh -> m_med_nrw_top_hoodie (underline in purple)
  • right click on the icon, Asset Actions / Export
  • I export in .fbx format, I tried 2013 and 2020, i uncheck all boxes
  • At this point I need to convert the fbx file to obj using Autodesk Fusion 360 so I have only the mesh as my editor in next step cannot read .fbx files
  • i open the .obj file in MeshMixer, i edit the mesh and export in obj format
  • Back in UE 4.26, i double click the above hoodie skeletal mesh
  • in the editor, i click on the big icon Reimport Base Mesh on top and select: Reimport Content / Geometry
  • I select my edited .obj file
  • After import, i can see its my new mesh, but the textures are gone, its like a cartoonish texture, see pic attached

Not sure what I’m missing here, seems like I’m almost there.

Interesting thread, hope someone answers

Just to add one comment, my question is not specific to MetaHumans only, but to any skeletal mesh with materials, textures, physics assets…

In another forum I’m told the only solution is to export the skeletal mesh to Blender, do the edits, and re-import into UE4.
Found this tutorial that works for me:

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