How To Edit Dedicated Server Options?

So I have my dedicated server built but since it just runs in the background without an actual game starting how would I go about setting the options for the server like map, character etc.

Do I have to have some sort of config file? Or Is there a way to set the options from the game itself then launch the server.exe from the game?

On the wiki tutorial the server is just eventbeginplay → open level(ip) but I’d like to have more options than just that.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

I’d like to have too)) for example - joining to the server without open map.

after open level you can run many server rpc’s through blueprints - changing map (from player controller) or / and game mode settings (which exist only server)

So after I launch the server.exe I would have to change the settings after in-game?

Is there anyway to configure what I wan’t before then launch the server, and also have that option to change after?

Thank you for the help so far.

also check Configuration Files | Unreal Engine Documentation

Game Options String is probably what you are looking for:

I can’t edit my previous post. Here’s a link how to use Game Options String: