How to edit core files

I have a question about how to use a core file that has been edited. I have made a new resource that you get from harvesting crystal. Everything is working in the dev kit but I don’t know if there is anything else I need to do to make it work in game. Do I need to put the file in my mod folder or cook it as a total conversion or is it fine the way it’s set up now? My mod is already public so I don’t want to update it until I know I have it set up the right way.

Probably best off making a new folder in the Mod folder, “MyMod” call it, and then duplicating any blueprints you need into that folder. Then… you just need to make sure that the PrimalGameData_GenericMod (or whatever you rename it too, e.g. PrimalGameData_MyMod… references one or more of these duplicated blueprints… and that all duplicated blueprints all link to each other or back to PrimalGameData_MyMod.

Total Conversion probably isn’t appropriate for simply creating a new resource… though if you intend that resource to be used in multiple recipe blueprints, smithy, etc… you might eventually get to the point where it’s easier to modify vanilla files for a Total Conversion. But generally speaking I’d recommend you avoid TC unless the complexity gets too high or the files you want to modify are not referenceable from PrimalGameData_MyMod.