How to edit assets?

Hey guys.

I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine, 3D modeling and in game development in general… sorry if I’m making stupid questions :cool:
Making some tests with the free assets of the month, the Downtown West Modular Pack is absolutely beautiful: Downtown West Modular Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace

Let’s say that I want to use one of the assets in my game, the Street Lights for example:

As you can see the sign says “Peach St Mall”… how can I change that ? I understand that this was created in a modeling tool like Maya or Blender, but is it possible to export an asset from UE4 and import to Blender for example so I can edit and then reimport to UE4 ?


The text on the sign would be done with the textures/materials so first you’d want to take a look at the material that it’s using and see how it’s constructed. It may be the case that the text is actually something dynamically created within the material so that the mesh can easily be reused all across a city. If not, then it’s likely just in the texture map, so you can export out the texture itself by right clicking the texture in the Content Browser and selecting Asset Action>Export
You can also do the same for the mesh so you can edit that in a 3D software like you were thinking, but in this case you just need to edit the texture in something like Photoshop

Ahhhhh, you are correct @darthviper107 !
I checked and it is part of the texture indeed, thanks man!!!