How to edit animations from Marketplace in Maya ?

I wish to take animations from the marketplace and edit and change them according to my character. Is there a way to get the rig with controllers and the animation baked into it into Maya, so it could be edited ? If no, what other way is it possible to edit the animation ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I doubt you could get the rig with controllers unless it was supplied. You could import the fbx and link it to HumanIK so you can use the controllers from that.

To edit models and animations I can import Udk 3d model to blender and export to udk?probably .fbx file only.Where can I find jazz Jackrabbit kismet tutorial if I downloaded each files?

If you export an animation with mesh as an .FBX you should be able to import that into Maya and make changes to the animation.
I’ve done a few myself (Ganfault Idle, I hate how he stood with his arm bent behind him)
So that should work.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll try to get something to work by connecting the FBX to the ART rig.