How to edit already existing mods from workshop?


I just began using the ARK Dev Kit recently and am trying to find my way around things. I’m trying to figure out how to edit mods that I have downloaded from the workshop, so I can reverse engineer them to learn how to make similar mods and make my own tweaks for personal use and whatnot. However, I ran into a few issues. Whenever I place the .uasset files from the mod I’m trying to edit into a project folder, they are all BlueprintGeneratedClass files, instead of blueprint files. This causes the editor to crash when trying to move or open any of these files. On a rare occasion I did end up getting one of the asset files to appear as a Blueprint file and another one as level, but opening them caused the program to do nothing at all. So basically I am asking if there is a way to peak at and edit the values of existing workshop mods through the Dev Kit, and how I would go about this.
Also as a side question, does every mod require a gamemode file to work, or can I just not have a gamemode file and set the mod to use the basic ARK gamemode?



And no, it is not required.


Alright thanks for the reply. Followup question though, apologies if it’s stupid but would I set the Default game Mode property in the mod file to none then?

No, just default it(yellow arrow).


there is already an insane number of useless mods on the workshop, imagine if people could just open other peoples mods? they would copy the mod make some slight change and claim it for their own work. it would be ridiculous.