How to edit a variable in a BP using UMG UI?

Does anyone know how I can get UMG to add a text box that can input numbers of float values from another BP?

I have a floor BP of size 1x1cm but need on screen options to be able to edit this to any size with the X and Y values being independent of each other. I’ve tried everything i can find on the internet so far without any luck if anyone is able to show some BP of how to get this to work that would be great.

currently the BP is something like this Ah8NZ3H.png

with the UMG something like this but i know its all wrong since i cant get it to work iuE3qyH.png

also tried setting this part up (this isnt mine found it on the wiki but its where im also stuck) trying to get the scale X or Y to work with the return node has given me a serious headache since when I compile it basically wont let me use anything other than the bool option for the return node, setting it to vector or float will throw an error at me e2b4b58d9782ae4ea95f5ea0a1eaafb44c15294f.png

You need to get a reference of that BP in your UMG somehow. You could create the floor and save the reference to the player controller, and then from your UMG access the player controller, get the reference and get the value you want.