How to edit a specific value of an actor inside the Level Blueprint?

Hey (:,

try to select it inside your Map or in the Scene Outliner after adding it into your scene.

With the selected ExponentialHeightFog you open up your LevelBlueprint and rightclick.

Now you should see the following:

Select “Add Reference to ExponentialHeightFog”. This will only appear in the LevelBlueprint and only if you have selected something inside your scene.

Now, if you have a look at the ExponentialHeightFog, you will see that the Fog Density is located inside the Fog Component. So we need to get this:

And after this, you can just “Set Fog Density”:

I hope this helps. If you have questions, just asked me (:

I have an “ExponentialHeightFog” in my Level. And I want to be able to control its “Fog Density” Value inside of the level blueprint. Is there a way to do so? Maybe it’s super easy, but I searched for hours now and couldn’t find a way.
Thanks for your Help!

And for those who are interested why I need this… I made a nice controllable Day/Night Cycle, but the fog remains much to bright during the night, so I want to dynamically change it :slight_smile: