How To Easily Port BP Code Between Vehicle Versions?

The title is a bit cryptic but I did’nt know how to explain it better.
Straight to the point: I have my Vehicle class BP with all the code in there, now I would like to port this code, variables, functions, everything to a newer vehicle class without manually copy/pasting all the code, creating tens of variables and then setting theri default value.

Is there a way to migrate BP code through BP vehicle classes without doing it manually?

child blueprints, they inherit all information from the main one, then you can add extra code, change defaults and such for as many as you like. if you then want to make a sweeping change to all cars, you can change the parent one and it will propagate to all others

This works with newer iterations of the vehicle class?
For example: I migrate my vehicle made in 4.16 to a newer engine version and make a child BP of it. This new child vehicle BP will be a 4.16 or a 4.19 updated vehicle?

So you made a vehicle in 4.16 then migrate it to 4.19 engine version it will highlight any blueprint nodes which has change during the engine update if any and tells you what to use instead. Its all about all your main vehicle BP which would be 4.19 then all child vehicle will be 4.19 also. Vehicles BP update quite easily over engine update

OK Unreal Engine will warn me about obsolete nodes when I open my project in a newer engine version, let’s say from 4.16 to 4.19 for the sake of discussion and clarity.
I don’t understand: my 4.16 vehicle migrated to 4.19 and opened in UE 4.19 will continue to behave like a 4.16 vehicle? I mean if there are physics handling improvements in 4.19 my vehicle will get them or it will still be handled by the physics engine like a 4.16 vehicle?
Thanks but I just can’t figure this out.

Once you migrate to your vehicle to 4.19 in theory your vehicle running will be on 4.19 physics engine but depends what your using physx or custom physics. Physx your using unreal physic engine, custom physics are physic constraints etc. Your vehicle will probably handle the same as 4.16. Don’t expect the physics handling to be improve because there has been no updates on this. They did make improvements to physic asset editor.

OK. So my migrated vehicle from 4.16 should behave like a 4.19 vehicle with any improvements it there actually are any.
On a side note I’ve made also custom physics vehicles I should test those also.

This should address my main question about porting blueprint code between older and newer vehicles.