How to easily align square objects after rotation?

Pop in a square/rectangular object, and then pop in another - you can easily snap and align them… no problem.

However, you pop in a couple more square/rectangular objects, but this time you choose to rotate them at a cool angle to your scene.
Not an issue - until you go to align them side by side…

  • Whoa, the pivot point (whatever its called) is still facing North to South, East to West.
    You want to move forward (relative to the new orientation of the object) its not going to happen - you are in diagonal land my friends.

You now are moving to axis just to get it to go forward an inch without it going off off to the side.

  • And don’t even think of going front, side view, etc. (You get it at an awkward angle as well)

When I rotate my actor, is there not a setting that allows the 3 axis’ to actually rotate with it to keep north/south - east/west relative to object?
Otherwise, its just insane - and trying to ‘reset the pivot’ point… grrrr.

  • I could lay it all out and rotate it together - no, actually not… they rotate individually and its a mess. :slight_smile:
    Either way, not a real solution.

Bonus Question: :wink:
I downloaded all the Infinity assets (grasslands to the new stuff)
From the new material, the hideout - the pivot point is not even on the object - its like touching something invisible, and I have to reset the pivot point - and getting it set center on the object is a pain. Guess there is no auto center?
(Seems like its something they would need to fix on their end, surprised it was released like this - as I see no special purpose having your control points half a kilometer off the actual asset.) lol!


You bring in an object - you have the X-Y-Z coordinates all nicely lined up with the object…
After you rotate, well - they are no longer facing North - West/East like they did before, but North/East, South/West, etc.
(i.e. the thinga-madoo doesn’t stay aligned with the object you import.)

So, imagine rotating a square block at an angle… you could just alt drag it to copy - but, seeing that the “thinga-madoo” is no longer aligned, it goes off diagonally and becomes super hard to align.

I swear - I have seen videos where peoples objects stayed aligned with the widget thingy even after rotating…

There’s a button in the top right by the snapping options with either a globe or a cube. the cube is object space, the globe is world space. You can also do vertex snapping or do some construction script stuff within a blueprint.

you’re a God… thank you so much!!! (Could not find it for the life of me when searching)

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