How to dynamically place nav link proxies?

I am trying to use nav link proxies and I search for a way to place them without manually placing them in the level. So I want to put the nav link proxy in a blueprint and any time I place the blueprint it’s configured correctly. If you have many same objects which all need to use nav link proxies this makes sense I guess. And I also want to spawn these blueprints dynamically while the game runs.

But how can I do this? I actually always thought there would be something like a “nav link proxy component”, same as there is a “nav modifier component”, but I can’t find any “nav link proxy component” and I also can’t find any other way to spawn one from blueprint. Where is it? I really need it, I just never thought about this being a problem before.

I just noticed I can create an actor based on nav link proxy, so I could add this actor as a child actor component to my blueprint, but then the problem is I can’t set the left and right point in the viewport because it’s a child actor component and not a nav link proxy. Now I can get the real nav link proxy actor in blueprint from the child actor component, but then the problem is that there is no way to define the left and right point, not even as a variable!

After clicking on a nav link proxy in the level I see that there seems to be an array of “PointLink” structs (?) inside where I can set the points, but I can’t get and set these struct from a blueprint which inherits from “nav link proxy”. Why?

Can you change around the parent blueprint to have an array of points and each of those points is cast down to the child to define it’s points, so while you wouldn’t actually see the real points of the nav link proxy but you could see where they would actually be?

The problem is that there is no way to define the points from blueprint. You cannot access the variables. :frowning:

Yeah I had a bit of a play around and it doesn’t seem like this can be done with blueprints. When you place the nav link proxy into the level it has a child with it and you don’t seem to be able to access the child from the blueprint. I think you will need to create a custom nav link proxy that has direct access to the child actor values.