how to dynamically control sound volume in kismet?

This is very poor example of what im trying to do as i did probably 80 configurations and i left the things i know are needed.Dont know about the rest.

We have a music track playing set to 0.5 I have no idea how, or is it even possible to change the float without pausing/stoping the music track in order to control the volume up and down.

My idea was to have the music play and when i activate the key button pressed, when pressed the volume goes up and when unpressed it returns to normal.

I think you should set those sounds to a specific audio group that’s not used by anything else, then use the console command SetAudioGroupVolume, with something like

playercontroller.ConsoleCommand("SetAudioGroupVolume Music " $ (float_volume));

Or equivalent Kismet solution, not sure if you can run console commands from there or not

you have to create your own node on UScript for kismet

Thank you guys.In the end i discovered a rather ‘‘stupid’’ way of changing the volume :o

Made a matinee with a new sound track and lowered the volume to 0.2 in matinee(the sound cue that was used is 1 by deffaut in the content browser )
Just by using a switch or a simple key button pressed on the Change Dir input of the matinee, it will toggle the volume of the music track between 0.2 or 1 xd