How to dynamically change whole rooms in a game

Hey guys,

I am currently working on a psychological/storybased first person horrorgame. I want to use a layers of fear inspired effect where events get triggered based on whether the player is looking at things or not. So I set up a linetracing system that sends a message to the currently looked Actor via an interface. This might work for smaller changes like an Object moving behind the player or similar, but I really want to change whole rooms. For example the player walks through a door turns around to get back into the room where he was coming from but behind the door waits a completly new room with new events etc. I just can´t get it to work and all the things I came up with (setting up spawners or even storing whole rooms in Blueprints) just felt totally wrong or not consistent at all. I am also really worried about lighting using a spawning based method. I´d be insanely thankful if anyone has an idea on how to set this up properly.

There’s a variety of methods.

You can have the rooms as blueprints, it really depends how complex they are. Very detailed, probably not a great idea. Also, you would have to light the whole thing dynamically. Not a problem, but just saying.

Another way is to use level streaming. You can either do it using volumes, or blueprints. Either way, you can develop a nice detailed room with static lighting, and then just drop it in when you need it. Streaming takes a while to get your head around, but it can be worth it:

But you can mix them.