How to dynamically change actor location.

I’m looking to dynamically change the location of an actor so that it stays above my characters head I know how to change the position but it stays at that location. I’ve tried quite a few things and nothing has worked. I tried messing around with tick but I don’t really understand how to use it as I’m a noob. Any help would be much appreciated here’s a link to my problem to give you a better understanding of what I’m trying to do.

why not just parent the actor to your character?

you should attach that actor to your character.
or get character location every frame (in Tick) and set that location to actor

Thanks for the help I’ll do that just out of curiosity can someone explain to me how to use tick I don’t get it. Also is the fact that actors aren’t updating on tick the reason delay doesn’t work?

Event tick fires every frame. You should avoid using it in multiplayer and anything that has to be timed, since it’s depending on the framerate. You could use it in this case, but calculating the new position every frame isn’t really a good idea. It won’t affect you that much that you’d notice, but 1000 small problems are just as bad a big one (in terms of effect).