How To Dye On Colors

What are the steps needed to create a material/texture that can be ‘dyed’ in game?

If anyone has done this yet. (Psst, developer - I know ya out there… drop me a line, I’d love to hear the answer)


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This is pretty much the only information available:

Drat. That’s the information on to use the ALBEDO MAP in a Material, which is actually only a very tiny step needed to make it work. Poo. So no one has gone through the process of actually creating the Master Material, Albedo and final instance of the material yet eh?

Looks like another video I’ll have to add to the ever growing list of how I did that. Hate having to learn it all alone though.

Now THAT was perfect, although way out dated for the current version. The step I was missing was the connection of the coloring to a texture. I use single color items - but thanks to that little insight, I was able to work around the material needing to be a texture. Here’s hoping to getting it to work.


Nope, no matter what I do - Once placed, the item refuses to show any dye abilities at all. I did get it to use ‘drag and dye’, but it doesn’t change any colors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I can get it to do this at least, but no picture of the item being painted - and nothing gets painted when you try.


Just need a few pointers in the right direction using the NEW coloring system.

This is the material used on the bed above. (The Red Sheet) Since it is only one color, the ColorizationMask is all red - I want the entire thing to change colors.

Changing the Colorization>Color0 from Red, just changes the starting color of the sheet. So I found out these are the colors you want the item to START with. Understood.

Changing the ColorizationMask Texture doesn’t seem to effect anything, except turn the item from the full red above to this:

Here’s the Item’s PrimalStructure Coloring Information:

Use Item Colors: Allows the Item to Have DYE Dragged On It.
Allow Custom Colors: Allows The Item To Be Paintable Once Placed.
B Use Item Color: is a list of which areas are allowed to be colored. Since I only use 1 area, Color0 (Red), I only have that one turned on. Turning on more makes the Painting Screen pop up when you dye things. Which is the screen up top above this post.

There’s really nothing more to this that I can find. Yet - nothing takes dyes at all.

FINALLY! Here’s what WORKS:

I had to create a new material - pure white. and place it into the Aldedo Texture.
I was using the defaulted texture they give you, which I guess doesn’t work.