How to duplicate levels

I need to know how to duplicate a single level so I save time and not have to copy over every asset and object over into the next level.

Just select everything in the scene outliner - ctrl+c - open the new level + ctrl+v :slight_smile:

copy + paste the umap file

You can also right click on the level in the content browser and click Duplicate.
That always crashed for me in 4.6 though…

wouldnt be save as (new name) easiest?
or i just got wrong what you asking…in that case sry


That’s the easiest way, but it depends on what exactly he wants to copy :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that you can only duplicate a level if it is no currently open in the viewport. This did my head in a few times… finally figured out I could copy them when I had a different one open…!

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Still crashes after closing viewport. 4.26.2

The level can’t be open period. Just closing the viewport and still having the level open counts as having that asset open and won’t play nice.

Just press ctrl+v in each case after copying the specific item.

If you want to have a level that contains the same assets in several maps you can use Level Streaming


in the newer versions of unreal i believe this doesnt work entirely, you can still duplicate the level but the stuff inside it isn’t copied over so not sure why the function even exists