How to duplicate a material from Unity with secondary map into Unreal

Hi all, I am trying to recreate a material in Unreal that I had in Unity… I’ve been able to recreate all my materials except one. I really don’t have deep knowledge on the differences between Unity and Ureal.

The Unity material editor has this ability to add what they call a secondary map. It has an albedo and normal map slots.

Somehow these two I guess blend together to create a material. I tried to recreate this in UE by taking two Texture Samples and “adding” their RGBs together, both the RGB texture and Normal textures.

however, while it simi worked, I guess, it didn’t produce the same results and looked different than it does in Unity. One other issue is that the secondary texture for this particular texture seems to have a tiling of X9 Y9. How do you express that in the Unreal material editor?

Thanks for any help!!!

Here is what the Unity material properties editor looks like.