How to drop items form an inventory

Hello, I am making a game that has an inventory system, and I can’t seem to firgure put a way to “drop” an item. Basically the item in the inventory that is selected, when clicked “drop” it will remove that item from the inventory and spawn an actor in game of the same item a few feet away from the player, which can be picked up again.

Hey there, you have pickup class of the type of the item that you are dropping. You spawn it on getactorlocation + getactorforwardvector * distancefromcharacter. Maybe turn of simulate physics if you drop it mid air so it falls to the ground.

Hi, Start following this tutorial from Epic Game with the Almighty Wes Bunn. Here
After understanding the process you’ll be good to make your own system. Best of luck.

Thaks everyone!

Did it work?