How to draw lobe shapes like that at runtime?

I’m not really sure wether this question suits better on this category or another, but here it goes.
I’m trying to do pretty much the same regarding the lobes behavior at the top of the building. Showing gifs was the best option i found to provide example. These were made on an different software, so i’m trying to figure out how to do similar on UE4.

Basically, as the truck passes by, the lobes change their shape. Some times only 1 big lobe, some times 2, and always a few smaller lobes on their tail, as you can see clearer on the second gif. This also hapens at runtime as you can see.

There’s a logic behind which shape will the lobes assume ofc, but it’s always similar to a zepellin, larger or shorter, depending on some calculations. I would like to understand how can I at least do the same at runtime on UE4, draw shapes like that. Could anybody provide some help? Thanks beforehand!

Vertex animated material or morph target animation.

@Nawrot Using either methods you’ve mentioned, can I make the lobes morph accordingly to some inputs? like Truck distance from the lobes, or this distance could be input for an equation which its results will outline how the lobs should morph

Yes you can do that. Either multiple parameters in material or multiple morph tragets. And mix that all.

You can also do morph targets and vertex animated material for same mesh, but that is redundant.