How to draw line from HUD to actor in Worldspace

I am trying to create something like a tooltip for important objects in the level. The idea is that when there is something around player worth noticing, a popup would appear on the side of the screen with a line drawn between popup and object in the level.
Any advice how would i draw the line? Or can you point me to the tutorial?


To better ilustrate what i have in mind :

You can draw the line in the HUD class, or you can draw it via UMG (explained here). To get the location of the line’s endpoint, you can use the Project World To Screen]( node to get the screenspace location of the object in the world.

You could cover the screen with a HitInvisible Canvas, override that widget’s *onPaint *and:

Alternatively, you could utilise HUD class and take advantage of EventReceiveDrawHUD:


The widget approach should be somewhat more flexible.

edit: @ausernottaken beat me to it as I was procrastinating

you both guys are amazing! thank you!!