How to draw a bow string?

As you can see I have my bow set up like this, the bows middle string bone is connected to the pull position, so that when the pull position is changed, the string moves with it, but now I’m not sure what to do next as nothing I try seems to be working.

I’d like to be able to use my right grip button on my vive wand to grab the pull position and have it move with the right hand, so I somehow have to be able to disable the grab function on only the right controller, and set a tick event to update the world position of the pullposition, I’ve tried doing this several ways to no avail and need some help in doing so.

already done that

Your pull position is attached to your string midpoint, you’ll need to set up an animation blueprint to change the position of that bone relative to that component.

Can we see your anim bp code

sure, here you are.

bumping this as I still need assistance

I don’t need help with the animation, I need help with the blueprint, how do I attach the pull position to the right hand controller?

That looks like it works

Can you change the default value in your anim bp and see what happens?

You need to make a socket.

What’s next

I got the bow to draw but I’m getting an error on the handpullposition vector as shown in the pics, I dont know why or how to resolve it, it is coming up with an error despite the code working as it should…