How to draw 2d art

So I’m build a 2d game but I am the worst drawer/act designer there is. So can ANYONE supply a video or some thing to help?


In which style do you want to draw? -> pixelart,… :slight_smile:

Yes, Pixelart

So, how about a website that is devoted to video lessons for just this thing, for free?


This guy is great for everything from the basics to the advanced.


So Pixel Art is a style of art, but what you need are the fundamentals. Sure you can draw a line, but the basics give you the experience of when to use the line. This gives you flexibility. So, Pixel Art specifics are great, but make sure your basics are more flexible. After all, flexibility is what allows you to make something unique.

Thanks your advice and the link :slight_smile:

Main thing like anything is to just do it a lot, read tutorials, watch others do it, copy people who are better than you at drawing, ask for advice on how to improve.

Two books that helped me a lot are How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.


and any book by


That’s of course if you mainly want to draw people. For anything else it’s pretty much just learn to draw in perspective and draw what you see.
If you want to draw pixel art I’d recommend finding a lot of your favorite artists’ blogs, websites, artbooks or whatever and just copy their work as closely as possible, you’ll learn a lot.

Thank you to :slight_smile: