How to download without Epic Games Launcher

I wanted to try Unreal Engine, but here’s a problem. My Epic Games Launcher isn’t working, because of my procesor.
At least they said it on the support email.
Is there anyway to download Unreal Engine without using Epic Games Launcher?

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What errors do you get, to be honest you would losing out on a lot without the launcher even if it was just free marketplace assets etc.

It isn’t error, it just show black screen. It doesnt load, and tried everything.

You running 64bit? as I see a few threads about this, some say compatibility settings other say 64bit only

I tried everything, that’s why i emailed support

I have the same issue - tried everything. Connection error constantly… It’s so frustrating, can’t do some Unreal with Quixel… All other launchers etc works fine. The only epic launcher is a big problem…

UNREAL engin

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Obvious steps to try first (just in case you haven’t).

  1. Restart your computer (lol I’m sure you have tried this but honestly sometimes the stupidest things go away by doing this)
  2. If it’s possible, try updating the launcher
  3. Uninstall the launcher and reinstall it
  4. Try reinstalling the launcher on a different drive (if you have multiple drives on your computer)

If none of these work you can download UE4 directly without the launcher using github. Note that it requires you to have an unreal engine account still, plus a github account. You can find more information about that here:

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