How to download unreal engine from epic games installer?

I can’t download Unreal Engine fro the epic games launcher. Whenever I try, it brings me through a series of directions that repeat over and over again. Please tell me if there is a button that I can click to download it, because I can’t find it.

  • Open Epic Game Launcher
  • Across the top of the page you’ll see a few options like ‘Unreal Engine’, ‘Fortnite’, ‘Paragon’ etc. Choose Unreal Engine
  • Click on the Library option on the left hand side
  • Look for the ‘Engine Versions’ at the top of the page and click the plus icon
  • A grayed out U4 icon will appear
  • Click the white triangle and select the engine version you want (probably 4.19.2 at this time)
  • Click Install
  • Wait for the install to complete.
  • Once complete (it will take a while), you can click the ‘Launch’ button which appears on the U4 icon

I tried that, but it says that I need 21.92 Gigabytes, which is way too many. I don’t even think that my computer had that many to start off with. I tried other versions, but they still took up too much space. So much for making my own games!

Ah, well that’s a completely different problem…

Yes, you do need quite a lot of space (the ~30Gb for the install, plus the amount needed for all the assets you’ll be creating, so at least 50Gb really).

Your computers hard-drive is probably large enough - I’d guess it’d have at least 250Gb maximum capacity but probably more, so it’s just a case of cleaning some stuff up.

Open your file explorer and look at This PC. You should see how much space you have available, plus the capacity of your drive(s). It’ll say something like 10Gb free of 500Gb. This will tell you how much space you could potentially have, although a certain amount will just be taken up by Windows etc, so you’ll never have it completely empty (unless you have more than one drive).

Now you know how much space you could have, start deleting things you don’t want or could live without. Remove a few games and applications, delete anything in your downloads folder that you don’t need and generally just remove files you don’t need (warning, make sure you know what you’re deleting and that once deleted, you won’t get it back! If you start deleting stuff randomly without knowing what it does, expect problems!)

If you have a desktop PC, you could install another hard-drive. They’re relatively cheap these days and you don’t need anything too large (a 100Gb drive would work). You could then install UE4 onto that drive and also use that drive for all the assets you’ll create.

Yeah also I recommend installing it on a ssd drive if you can get one, it makes loading and compiling noticeably faster.