How to download mod independently???!!!!

I have seen this thread but I found some problems.
This way couldn’t make .mod file… It means this way can’t explode .z file to get .mod and make server or game use mods.

I have many servers and different owners want different mods.
I want to make a .bat to download and explode the .z fiiles.

Now I can download mods by steamcmd, but the files isn’t exploded.
How can i explode the .z files to get .mod and exploded files???

Thanks for any answers.


you can use the “automanagedmods” start parameter.

On a Linux host:
./ShooterGameServer TheIsland?listen?ServerCrosshair=True?MapPlayerLocation=True?AllowThirdPersonPlayer=True?MaxStructuresInRange=100 -UseBattlEye -automanagedmods

On a Windows host:
start ShooterGameServer.exe “TheIsland?listen?ServerCrosshair=True?AllowThirdPersonPlayer=True?MapPlayerLocation=True?MaxStructuresInRange=100” -UseBattlEye -automanagedmods


Thanks for answer.
I knew this way but i want own a independent solution…

Thanks for your answer

What’s the issue with using the -automanagedmods launch command? This will automatically download all mods being launched when the server is initialized. If you really want to be precise… I used to subscribe to all of my mods, have them install on my PC, then use an FTP client to upload that mod to my server.