How to download content pack??


I purchased a content pack, and am trying to share it with my friend… but no matter what, I’m not able to download a file to my PC - I can only open it in the Epic Games interface - but not share it…
Can anyone direct me on how to download the file?
Could it be related to the fact that my engine is newer than that of the pack, and thus incompatible?

Thank you!

It’s probably because you aren’t supposed to share it…

No indeed, what Steve said. You’re not supposed to, the license when you buy the pack is only for yourself or your employees and can only share it over Source control to work on a game belonging to the buyer.

Anyone, correct me if i’m wrong though.

i have this problem too . i just purchased an animation pack . i want to open its FBX files and edit them in MOBO or 3ds max . and i dont want to download UE . when i hit download on animation pack , it send me to this page and there is nothing to download but UE4 which i dont want .
how can i download pack only??
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