How to download all by purchases??? VAULT


I’m realitily new to UNREAL … so bought few things on Market but all the Items aren’t downloading unless I add them to a PROJECT. So my VAULT have many many items and 0 bytes downloaded - how I can download my VAULT so I can work offline or on slow line. I don’t see any DOWNLOAD option or something like that.

I have Unreal installed on drive C: and would like to have my VAULT on drive B:

Why make such easy things so confusing and unlogical - AXIOM…

You can’t.
You must create a blank project for most products and install on that. Then you would transfer the assets to your own projects.
You can transfer plugins to blank projects too there are instructions on the forums to do that.
Only products that are packaged as complete projects you can download them and have the project itself created for you.
Everything must be done inside the Epic Games Launcher.
Always backup both the projects you are working on and anything from the marketplace you downloaded. Backup is easy just zip the project folder with all its subfolders and that’s it.

tbats not true there is a script somewhere on gihub that lets you do it

So if I buy a sound-FX pack in the unreal engine store I don’t have access to the actual WAV files? I can only access it inside a project in Unreal Engine?