How to Double Tap to view blend possess pawn

I have a level with several pawns in it for various purpose. The main pawn is an orbit camera which looks over the whole level from aerial. The second pawn is a normal camera with only rotation, like a 360 view camera, copied over a few times.

I want to blend view target the 360 pawn when I double tap on it. I can set the blend view target with TouchBegin Event but there’s no double tap event.

Note: I am using UltimateTouchComponents to implement touch interface.

There is no double tap event but you can detect double tap for yourself:

Create two vars, a float named lastTouchTime and a ETouchIndex named lastTouchIndex.
On your BeginTouch event, first thing you do is check whether Game Time minus lastTouchTime is less than say, 0.5 seconds. If it is, AND ETouchIndex equals the BeginTouch event’s touchindex, then branch to true.
On the true branch do your double click logic. On false do single click logic.
When both true and false branches are done, set lastTouchIndex to the BeginTouch event’s touchindex, and set lastTouchTime to Game time Seconds (or whatever it is called. There is a node for it)