'How to - Doors' an Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints YouTube tutorial series


I have been asked recently to create a tutorial for a door, I have gone that step further and created a mini-series for different varieties of door.

In the tutorial I will cover:

Hinged doors
Sliding doors - both horizontal and vertical
Locked doors - requiring keycards to open
Breakable doors

Now this is my way of implementing things in UE4, there may be a better/correct way. But this works for me…

The first video is available via YouTube now, and I hope someone somewhere finds it helpful and useful.

Happy creating folks :slight_smile:

The next How To - Doors video is available now…

This one shows you how I implement a Locked door with Key card…

I hope it is useful to someone and don’t forget to like and sub.

Head to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdrCBHh0YYk&feature=youtu.be and get learning now…

Happy Sunday folks.

Cool, thanks for making these… I just kinda skimmed through them, but I will watch them more in depth when I finish up my environment kit.

Thanks again.

Hey MeshMagnet, thanks for the interest. I hope they come in use for you :slight_smile: