How to do without opening port 7777?

Really, in order to play via the Internet, the host must have an open port 7777? My friend just does not see my session, and neither do I see him.

From the point of view of logic, I am doing everything correctly, the session is created successfully and the level with “?Listen” opens. I am using the online subsystem default = Null.

I think the problem is in the closed port. I checked this through various online services and it says everywhere that the port is closed (during the session and not). I remember when I tested multiplayer with the same friend a long time ago and we were able to connect normally without opening any ports, I don’t understand how. And there are a lot of games where the listen system is used and you don’t need to open anything. So it is possible?

Use something like Steam or some other provider that supports NAT punchthrough or implement your own nat punchthrough system. Otherwise you will need to open ports and ensure the router fowards those ports to the correct machine.

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Thanks for the answer, it seems that it is necessary so to do, but how long ago a friend to me, could be connected without opening the port, it is a mystery to me.

u dont need to open any port manually, unless ur on the os, that specifically closed all ports like (centos for example)
but on windows, when u open a program, automatically going to ask u, and everything should be fine

if u and ur friend cant find each other, remember NULL OSS, only support multiplayer on local network, u both need to be on the same local network.

u can use NULL OSS over internet, but first of all u need static public IP to host the game, and ur friend need to connect with ip, not searching for session

edit: in order to search for session work on internet, u need to implement master server functionality for NULL OSS, Session Interface, or use another OSS that already have implemented MasterServer, like steam or EOS or …

last thing, or u can easily use P2P, EOS does have that too

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This is bad information. It is not just opening ports on your machine. You need to make sure your router can route the packets to the correct machine. This is why you need something to do NAT punchthrough or you make sure your router forwards the port to the correct machine. (Unless your PC and your friends PC are direct to the internet not via a router).

Hole punching (networking) - Wikipedia for reference.

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