How to do unit test on a plugin module?

Hi, I would like to run local tests on my editor plugin module, without having to startup the editor or the engine itself…

How may I do that?


Linking the same question on answerhub: How to do unit test on a plugin module? - UE4 AnswerHub

I’m also interested in this. I’ve followed: and created a test class inside my plugin, but I can’t see it in the Frontend app.

I’m interested in it too!! But we seem to be the only one…

We have tried to little avail to use the unit test module. Unreal frontend doesn’t seem to support hot reloading of unit tests, and it would take alot of deleting binary/intermediate folders and other wizardry to get them to show up at all. So now, we just use mostly check(), ensureMsgf() and unimplemented() to ensure stability of our code.

I also spoke with some unreal engine devs at GDC this year, and they didn’t seem to even know who on the team you would talk to to get more info on unit tests. As far as i know, the functionality is still there, but it has not been officially supported for a while. Which is very unfortunate.