How to do some structure start to copy an item dropped on his inventory ?


I would like to know if has something that teaches how to do a new structure that copy some PrimalItem dropped on his inventory?!


To make a new structure, you can either make a copy or make a child of an existing structure and it’s inventory, Then, you can change the inventory in the components tab to your new inventory. From there, you can make any changes to the new inventory that you wish.

Right. But for example. I create a new structure, let’s imagine a new Storage Box, that any resource that I left on his inventory starts to auto duplicate, but only 1 resource once.

Let’s imagine again, I put 1 wood inside of this storage box, and every N seconds starts to duplicate this wood. Until I removed all this wood from inside the box.

That would be done in the Inventory_BP of your storage box.