How To Do Physics Oriented Gameplay?

I was wondering what the general practice is for doing multiplayer gameplay oriented around physics effects. What I am trying to achieve is to have an impact (such as a line trace hit) apply physics to another player (ragdoll-like effect) and then return normal skeletal function to the player. I am also intending for this functionality to work on NPCs. However, the results I am getting now are out of sync between server and client (player being shot and flying results in landing in different places for each client). From what I have seen, people say that it is too expensive to sync physics like that across all clients. So, I was wondering what the general practice would be to simulate that kind of effect for gameplay (significant transform changes based on impact like a bullet shot).

I am having a problem where I shoot another character and enable physics, delay, then turn off physics in order to play a stand up animation, the character teleports after turning off physics. It won’t play the animation unless I turn off physics. When I use the physical animation blending feature, it works. However, I have to use a bone other than the root bone to simulate all physics below, which prevents the character from flying when physics is applied to them. Is there a solution to this?